Facial Cosmetic Surgery in Plantation | What are Jaw Implants?

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The jawline has been an important part of the socially-approved, “masculine” look. But, not everyone has a jawline that they are happy with. From mandibular deficiency to the hope for a sharper look, a variety of people benefit from this facial cosmetic surgery in Plantation. Here is what to know about the procedure:

Why Do People Get Jaw Implants?

While jaw implants can help those with a skeletal deficiency, many people receive them for cosmetic purposes. The procedure widens and strengthens the look of the jaw. This allows for a more “masculine” look as deemed by society.

Am I a Candidate for Jaw Implants?

Jaw implants are a cosmetic procedure, meaning they typically are more out of want rather than need. However, some medical purposes, like those with skeletal mandibular deficiency, can benefit from the surgery as well. If you are looking to get jaw implants, an appointment with a doctor is a necessity. An oral surgeon can better assess your oral health and see if implants are an option. They will steer you in the right direction and come up with a solution that suits you!

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What Does the Procedure Entail?

The jaw implant procedure is fairly straight forward. After receiving anesthesia, your surgeon will make an incision on each side of the lower lip. They will form a pocket so that the implants can fit. Next, the surgeon will place the implant into the lower jaw via the incision. The jaw is then closed and the surgeon places tape across the chin to reduce swelling and discomfort.

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