Facial Cosmetic Surgery Miami Beach | How to Reduce Facial Laceration Scarring

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Facial lacerations can be traumatic because not only does it affect you physically, it also puts a strain on your emotional health. The problem with facial lacerations is that it takes a great deal of effort to keep them concealed. Thankfully, Facial Cosmetic Surgery Miami Beach can treat patients with facial lacerations. The results are astounding. If you are looking for a way to reverse facial laceration, facial cosmetic surgery is what you need.

Know About the Healing Time

After the surgery, it should take two days for it to seal and approximately five to ten days for it to be strong. You will notice that the skin surrounding the scar will begin to thicken and turn into a reddish color, this is usually since within three days after the surgery. After four to six months you should expect it to reverse, the reddish color will fade, and the scar would have flattened. You should expect the scar to heal fully at six months, but it will continue to heal for a year.

Apply Prescribed Ointment on The Wound

Applying the prescribed ointment on the wound will speed up the healing process and it will greatly lessen the scabbing.

Massage the Wound to Increase Blood Circulation

When the sutures have already been removed, it is recommended that you massage it with a moisturizing lotion that contains vitamin E or a lotion containing aloe. Make sure to massage it gently at least twice a day for two consecutive weeks and then after that you can do it once every thirty days.

Where is a food facial cosmetic surgery Miami Beach?

Looking for Facial Cosmetic Surgery Miami Beach?

Facial Cosmetic Surgery Miami Beach is the solution to facial laceration problems. If you are worried about the scars, don’t worry because there are numerous ways to help reduce it. In fact, some scars blend with your skin making it barely noticeable. At Oral Facial Reconstruction, we offer facial cosmetic surgery and we also provide post-op care recommendations to ensure a smooth recovery. Call us today or visit our site to learn more about our services.