Factors Influencing Dental Implant Success Rates

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A dental implant is a popular tooth replacement option that involves placing a biocompatible metal or ceramic post into the jawbone to serve as an artificial tooth root attached to a dental crown or bridge. If you’ve lost multiple teeth and wished there was a way to restore your smile to its former glory, you’ll want to know more about Pembroke Pines dental implants and the factors influencing their success.

a closer look at one of the Pembroke Pines Dental Implants

Factors that Influence Dental Implant Success

Patient’s Overall Health

Patients with good overall health are more likely to experience successful dental implant surgery. Conversely, those with chronic diseases, including diabetes or autoimmune disorders, may have a lower success rate because of their body’s decreased healing ability and weakened immune system. Since patients with compromised immune systems are at risk for implant failure, they may need additional follow-up care to steer clear of infection.  

Jawbone Quality and Quantity

Dental implants require a sufficient amount of healthy jawbone to ensure osseointegration. For this reason, doctors may recommend bone grafts for patients with significant jawbone loss or bone deficiencies to supplement bone volume for implant placement. In addition, poor jawbone quality or inadequate bone density can lead to implant failure and complications.

The Oral Surgeon’s Experience

The oral surgeon must have enough experience and training to perform the procedure. Only qualified dental professionals can understand proper implant placement techniques, implant selection, and other critical factors that contribute to the treatment’s success.

Implant Placement  

Improperly positioned dental implants may cause damage to nerves and other vital structures. Unless the oral surgeon places the implant deep enough in the bone, it won’t support the replacement tooth. For this reason, proper implant placement is crucial for implant success.  

Patient Compliance

Patients must practice good oral hygiene and schedule regular follow-up care to ensure the implant is healing properly and prevent potential complications.  

Habits and Lifestyle Factors

Since smoking slows the production of bone-producing cells called osteoblasts, it inhibits bone growth and increases the risk of implant failure. Likewise, heavy alcohol consumption and poor oral hygiene impact dental implant success rates.

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Considering Pembroke Pines Dental Implants?

The doctors at Oral Facial Reconstruction have successfully performed dental implant placement for years and have pioneered and developed many of the techniques and materials used today. Contact us now to make an appointment.