Factors that Negatively Affect Teeth in a Day

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Have you been looking for a way to get your teeth replaced in a single day? Teeth in a day Plantation is a treatment that can aesthetically restore your teeth in a day following a thorough examination of your teeth.Many factors can affect the success of dental implants. In order to protect your teeth from getting damaged, it’s important you have basic knowledge of the factors affecting your teeth in a day treatment.

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What are the Factors that Cause Teeth in a Day to Fail?

Insufficient Jaw Bone

Typically, the success of the procedure will highly depend on the sufficiency of your bone support. With insufficient jaw bone, your dentist will have to perform additional treatments before placing the implant into your jaw.Insufficiency of jaw bone may be caused by osteoporosis. Once a patient has this condition, the teeth in a day treatment will require additional procedures to avoid or prevent an increased risk of injury. Aside from osteoporosis, deterioration of bones in the mouth may also be caused by severe gum disease.


Smoking is typically another factor that will negatively affect dental treatments. Whether you’re planning to have your tooth extracted or get dental fillings or veneers, smoking before and after the treatment is frowned upon.However, being a smoker does not necessarily mean that you can’t be a candidate for such treatment. It only means that you’ll have to stop smoking a couple of weeks before and after your treatment.

Gum Disease

As stated earlier, osteoporosis is not the only cause of bone deficiency. Severe gum disease may also lead to fractured bones–especially, when the infection is left untreated.

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