Facts About Open Joint Surgery

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Do you have TMJ disorder and don’t know which type of surgery you need? There are practical and reliable ways of dealing with TMJ in Aventura, the most common of which is an open joint surgery. Below are the facts you need to know about this famous surgery.

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What is Open-Joint Surgery?

This type of TMJ surgery involves making an incision, allowing your oral surgeon to operate on the joint itself. Open-joint surgery is often recommended to patients with severe TMJ disorder associated with numerous bone or tissue growths that stops the joint from moving. It is also advisable for individuals who are unable to reach the joint with arthroscopy. Likewise, open-joint surgery is also applicable if there is a fusion of the bone, cartilage, or joint tissue.

Why is Surgery Necessary?

According to many oral and maxillofacial surgeons, open-joint surgery allows the removal of excess tissue and bony growths that restrict the movement of joints. Through this process, surgeons can reposition or repair the disc if damaged, injured, or out of place.If your disc is irreparable, your oral surgeon will have to perform a discectomy. The process is necessary so your disc can be entirely replaced with your tissue or with an artificial disc. On the other hand, if you think that your bony structures are involved, your oral and maxillofacial surgeon will have to remove the diseased bone of your jaw joint.

What is the Success Rate of this TMJ Surgery?

About 71% of the patients who undergo open-joint surgery report feeling less pain. Since open-joint surgery involves performing several procedures with the exposed joint, it is often done under general anesthetic. Hence, you will feel no undue discomfort or distress during the surgery.

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Know More about the Surgeries Performed to Address TMJ in Aventura

Open-joint surgery is usually the last resort when it comes to treating a TMJ disorder. If you want to avail of other remedies, contact Oral Facial Reconstruction and Implant Center!