Facts to Know Before Orthognathic Surgery

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Jaw surgery is a demanding and significant surgical procedure. So, specific plans will be made before and after surgery to ensure the procedure's success and recovery. We'll review the crucial information you need to know to be well-prepared for orthognathic surgery in Pembroke Pines.

oral surgeon preparing for Orthognathic surgery in Pembroke Pines

How to Prepare Before the Orthognathic Surgery

Orthognathic surgery is a treatment that helps to realign the jaw and teeth to improve their form and function. An oral and maxillofacial surgeon must do this procedure. It is necessary to prepare for orthognathic surgery properly.

  • Two Weeks Before Surgery

Suppose you have two weeks until the procedure. It's crucial to start according to your dentist's recommendations for a healthy diet and prescription medications. Ask your doctor which medications you should avoid, for example, aspirin. Avoid smoking at all costs and organize who can drive you to the dentist, stay with you there, and bring you home to recover.

  • One Week Before Procedure

Some pre-operative procedures and inspections will take place about a week before your surgery. This implies that impressions and x-rays of your jaw are necessary.

  • 24 Hours Before the Orthognathic Surgery

Your "cleanse" phase will start the day before surgery. This means that at least 12 hours before the operation, you must avoid eating or drinking anything. Ask your doctor to instruct you when you stop taking any medications that can cause an unfavorable reaction during surgery.

Orthognathic surgery in Pembroke Pines

Are You Getting Ready for Orthognathic Surgery in Pembroke Pines?

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