Fill in the Gaps with Dental Implants

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Please mind the gap! These gaps will surely impair your speech or make you fear hearing the words "Say cheese!" during a photoshoot. But here’s the good news, dental implants or Teeth in a Day® in Plantation can help you regain your self-confidence. Teeth in a Day® and other similar solutions can close these gaps instantly!

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Missing Teeth: A Real Confidence Killer

How Teeth in a Day® Works

Although the word "implant" conjures up images of a dreadful procedure, it is actually a relatively simple and painless procedure. This is especially true when your professional dental team is compassionate and knowledgeable. Drilling pressure and vibrations are frequently the only sensations experienced by patients. Which is very much similar to getting a traditional filling. First, a small titanium post will be inserted into the bone socket of the missing tooth. The jawbone will grow around the post as it heals, securing it in place. A custom-made dental crown that is based on a model of your teeth is then connected to the post with a small connector called an abutment. It usually takes six to twelve weeks to complete the whole procedure to heal. But once completed and perfectly healed, the implant will resemble one of your natural teeth in appearance, feel, and function.

When It Comes To Missing Teeth, Why Should You Not Wait?

We all know how awkward gaps in your smiles can be. However, you may not realize that if left untreated, they might lead to more significant problems. Aside from the cosmetic and communication challenges that come with missing teeth, the difficulty of chewing, shifting teeth, bone loss, and periodontal disease are more serious issues you could face.

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