Frenectomy: When Is It Required to Get One?

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A frenectomy is a type of oral surgery in Aventura, FL, where the objective is to eradicate the problems derived from different anomalies in the development of the frenulum. An inadequate size or position of the frenulum can cause difficulties pronouncing different sounds properly and can even affect the correct position of the teeth. But when is this treatment performed and how can you identify if it is necessary? Let's find out.

When Is It Necessary?

The appropriateness of this treatment depends on the consequences the development of the frenulum has on the patient's oral health. Therefore, whoever performs this treatment - the dentist or a maxillofacial surgeon - must analyze each case individually.

In What Situations Is a Frenectomy Performed?

When It Affects the Upper Lip

This treatment is often used for cases in which the frenulum causes difficulties in moving the upper lip normally, which in turn would generate discomfort and difficulties when speaking and trying to pronounce sounds. The same would happen in the case of having a lingual frenulum that hinders the normal movement of the tongue.


It’s also recommended in cases where there is a diastema – a space between the teeth. This is commonly in the upper central incisors or "pallets" due to a hypertrophic labial frenulum. Experts recommend performing this procedure once the permanent teeth have appeared.

Dental Prostheses

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that a frenectomy is also a procedure indicated for adults whose frenulum makes it difficult to retain the dental prosthesis and also causes irritation due to friction between the prosthesis and the frenulum.

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