General Dentists Vs. Oral Surgeons

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Oral surgeons and general dentists play an important role in maintaining good dental health. Learning the different functions and roles of both experts can help you make the right decision when searching for someone to address your dental problem. Additionally, oral surgery is an entirely different field of dentistry. While both professions aim to improve dental health, an oral surgeon Plantation is best for restorative care while a general dentist focuses more on preventive care.

Who is the best Oral surgeon plantation?

How to Distinguish a General Dentist from an Oral Surgeon


The primary aspect to determine between a general dentist or oral surgeon is to look into their educational background. Oral surgeons undergo specialized training to treat facial and dental problems–including dental implants, oral cancer, biopsies, and complex tooth extractions. In contrast, general dentists, as the name suggests, focuses on general dentistry–such as fluoride treatment, dental x-rays, teeth cleaning, dental exams, cavity fillings, etc. In short, general dentists treat patients with basic or mild dental problems, while oral surgeons deal with complex dental issues.

Can a Dentist Perform Oral Surgery?

General dentists are proficient in basic dental procedures. While they can address basic problems such as simple tooth extractions and crowns, they don’t have the expertise to handle complex procedures. Hence, it’s best that when you need oral surgery, you go directly to an oral surgeon. However, patients oftentimes go to see an oral surgeon because of the referral or recommendation of a general dentist. When a dentist thinks that your dental health problem is out of their scope of expertise, they will refer you to a specialist like an oral surgeon, endodontist, or periodontist. In this way, your oral health problem can be treated with the right and proper procedure.

Who is the best Oral surgeon plantation?

Do I Need a General Dentist or Oral Surgeon Plantation?

When you need a tooth extraction or other basic dental problems, the first thing you have to do is to visit your general dentist. Once your dentist thinks that your condition requires the help of a specialist, he or she will recommend an oral surgeon or other dental specialists. If you have any dental problem, whether it’s simple or complex, contact Oral Facial Reconstruction!