Genetics and Its Role in Wisdom Tooth Development and Impaction

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If you’re experiencing pain, infection, or other complications related to your wisdom teeth in Aventura, you’re not alone. Wisdom teeth are the third molars that typically develop between the ages of 17 and 25. While some people have no problems with their wisdom teeth, others may require extraction due to impaction or other complications.

Genetics plays a significant role in wisdom teeth development and impaction. For this reason, it's crucial to understand the genetics behind these teeth to manage oral health issues effectively.

patient after removal of Wisdom Teeth in Aventura

Genetics of Wisdom Teeth

The genes that control tooth development and eruption determine whether or not wisdom teeth will develop and if they will become impacted. The PAX9 gene, for example, is known to regulate tooth formation, while the MSX1 gene is essential for normal tooth development. The AXIN2 gene has also been associated with wisdom teeth development.

Genetic Variations and Impacted Wisdom Teeth

A growing body of evidence suggests that certain genetic variations increase the likelihood of developing impacted wisdom teeth. One such variation is the presence of the 1p36 deletion syndrome, which affects several genes involved in tooth development. Another variation is the Proline-Serine-Threonine Phosphatase-Interacting Protein 1 (PSTPIP1) gene associated with tooth impaction.

Inheritance of Dental Traits

Dental traits like tooth size, shape, and position are inherited from our parents. This means that if your parents had issues with their wisdom teeth, it's more likely that you will too. However, the inheritance of dental traits is a complex process, and not all children will have the same traits as their parents.

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Do You Have Impacted Wisdom Teeth in Aventura?

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