How Corrective Jaw Surgery Can Fix Your Bite

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If you want to improve your bite, orthognathic surgery in Plantation can be the best solution for you. By correcting any irregularities in the jawbone, orthognathic surgery can help realign your bite and improve the appearance of your teeth. Better chewing can even help your digestion!

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Orthognathic Surgery

How Does It Help and What Else Can It Fix?

Corrective jaw surgery can help with a variety of issues. If you're experiencing trouble biting or chewing, jaw surgery can help you enhance your general chewing ability as well as correct swallowing and speech issues. When it comes to face symmetry, the jaw is quite important.Corrective jaw surgery can also rectify facial imbalances such as tiny chins, underbites, overbites, and crossbites. Corrective jaw surgery can help fix your lips, which is a little-known fact. If it's difficult for you to fully close your lips comfortably, having your jaw adjusted may be able to help.

Procedures for Upper and Lower Jaw Surgery

Repositioning the jaw, or maxillary osteotomy is one of the most common corrective jaw procedures and can help repair a receding or projecting upper jaw. The main purpose of this procedure is to reposition the jaw to a new position, usually forward or backward, by securing the jawbone with a plate or screw. Even though most are performed on the upper jaw, they can be used to repair the lower jaw, chin, or any combination of these.

What Are the Risks Involved?

Although corrective jaw procedures are frequently regarded as extremely safe when performed by a skilled oral or maxillofacial surgeon, any sort of surgery carries some risk. You may most certainly suffer some pain and swelling following the operation, as well as feeding difficulties that can be readily resolved with a soft or liquid diet.

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Are You Looking For Orthognathic Surgery in Plantation?

Although the primary goal of orthognathic surgery is to improve the patient's bite, several people find that it also improves their speech and looks. Make sure to take care of your facial characteristics, as they play a significant influence in many parts of your life. Learn how orthognathic surgery can improve your quality of life. Now is the time to contact our experienced team of oral and maxillofacial surgeons at Oral Facial Reconstruction.