How Did Wisdom Teeth Get Their Name?

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Most people know about certain things but don’t have a clue as to the reason behind it, the history, or why it was called a certain thing–this includes the wisdom teeth. Since there is much to talk about wisdom teeth in Aventura, most patients don’t bother to question as to how it got its name. But if you’re one of those who want to know how wisdom teeth derived its name, let’s take a closer look.

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Why Are They Called Wisdom Teeth?

Late Tooth Eruption

Wisdom teeth are third molars that generally appear in individuals between 16 and 24 years old. They are commonly extracted when they cause harm to other teeth—this impaction is colloquially known as "coming in sideways." Most individuals have four wisdom teeth, but it is possible to have more, fewer, or nothing at all. The absence of one or more wisdom teeth is an example of hypodontia and any extra tooth is referred to as a supernumerary tooth. They are generally thought to be called wisdom teeth because they appear so late—much later than the other teeth, at an age where people are wiser than as a child, when the other teeth erupt.

Importance of Wisdom Tooth Extraction

A wisdom tooth is extracted to correct an actual problem or to prevent problems that may come up in the future. Wisdom teeth can be extracted for two common reasons: either they have already become impacted or they could potentially become problematic if not extracted. Potential problems triggered by the presence of inappropriately grown-in wisdom teeth include infections caused by food particles easily trapped in the jaw area where regular brushing and flossing is difficult and ineffective. These infections may be frequent and cause considerable pain and medical danger.

Wisdom teeth aventura 

Know More About Wisdom Teeth in Aventura

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