How Do Oral Surgeons Treat Jaw Joint Problems

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TMD is a common condition that prevents the jaw from performing its regular activities, including opening the mouth and chewing. More than 10 million Americans, at present, are affected by it, but it can be treated by an oral surgeon in Aventura. Occasionally, it is wrongly referred to as just "TMJ," which is the name of the joint. TMD affects more women than males and is typically diagnosed in patients between 20 and 40. It can lead to various issues, including poor posture, persistent jaw clenching, misaligned teeth, fractures, or conditions like lockjaw, in which the muscles surrounding the jaw spasm and make it difficult to open the mouth.

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What Should a Successful Treatment Look Like?

Effective Medical Care

Here is the practical and efficient medical care you need to learn if you're suffering from TMD:

  • Reduce or ease your discomfort
  • Make your jaw work again
  • Minimize jaw joint noises and allow you to go about your everyday activities as usual.

The effectiveness of the treatment strategy may not be seen for several months in some patients. Additionally, it's best to follow your treatment schedule precisely for the best outcomes. Any or all of the following therapies could be a part of it.

TMD Treatment Options

  • Medications

If you require a more potent anti-inflammatory to treat your pain and swelling, your dentist can prescribe these. If you grind or clench your teeth, he can recommend a muscle relaxant to loosen your jaw. He may also give you an anti-anxiety drug to reduce stress, which can worsen TMD. These medications can also help lessen or control pain in small dosages.

These plastic mouthpieces are designed to fit your upper or lower teeth, keeping them apart. By shifting your teeth into an ideal position, they help eliminate the symptoms of clenching or grinding and straighten your bite. What distinguishes them from one another? While you sleep, night guards are worn. In contrast, a splint is constantly worn when you're up and running. Which type you require will be specified by your dentist.

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Tips From an Oral Surgeon in Aventura

Do you have an issue with your TMJ? An oral surgeon can help! For more information, give us a call.