How Long Does Teeth in a Day Last?

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One of the very popular and effective researched procedures for permanently replacing most of your teeth in one arch is Teeth in a Day in Plantation. The process involves placing four implants in a certain location, requiring less treatment time. Here are the facts concerning teeth in a day treatment.

where can I get teeth in a day in plantation?

Common Questions about Teeth in a Day

How Long Will the Procedure Take?

Generally, the surgery takes about two to three hours, but the exact time can vary. When you come in for a consultation, your dentist will give you a more concrete timeframe of how long it will last. Following all the cleaning and preparation, your teeth will be fitted to the implants, which will take about an hour or two. An implant model is then created according to the size of your teeth.

Is Teeth in a Day Painful?

Due to anesthesia and other sedatives, you won’t feel a thing during the procedure. After the surgery and by the time anesthesia wears off, your dentist should have already prescribed you pain medications. You will also notice some bruising in the affected area and experience swelling, but this is typically minimal.

How Soon Can I Eat Without Limitations?

Most teeth in a day patients can eat food without limitations as soon as the swelling and numbness wear off. That is approximately 4 to 7 hours after the surgery. However, it is ideal to stick with soft and healthy foods during the first week of treatment.Since teeth in a day treatment is close to having your natural teeth, you’ll be able to retain your bite strength. Hence, you won’t have to worry about not eating your favorite chewy or crunchy food.

What are the Benefits of Teeth in a Day?

This treatment is more economical, and it enables you to save on time and material cost without compromising fast treatment results. It also allows for immediate communication between the patient and dentist, as well as offers real-time adjustments.

where can I get teeth in a day in plantation?

Where to Get Teeth in a Day in Plantation?

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