How Often Do You Need to Get Oral Cancer Screenings?

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An oral cancer screening in Coral Springs is the most effective strategy to safeguard yourself against potentially fatal oral diseases. It is advisable that you get screened for oral cancer at least twice a year. The screening takes little time and can be incorporated into a regular checkup.

dentists preparing for Oral cancer screening in coral springs

When and How Often Is an Oral Cancer Screening Needed?

When It’s Recommended

During routine exams, many dentists look for indicators of this condition. Patients should have regular oral cancer screenings if they experience behaviors that are known risk factors for the disease, such as:

  • Use of tobacco products that are smoked, inhaled, or chewed
  • Frequently drinking alcoholic beverages
  • People who have previously been diagnosed with oral cancer
  • People infected with specific types of human papillomavirus (HPV)

What Happens During an Oral Cancer Exam?

The dentist may conduct a visual examination, focusing on the mouth, lips, neck, and face. The patient's gums, cheeks, neck, and roof of mouth will be examined as well. Your dentist may place a finger into your mouth and check your tongue, cheeks, and other soft tissues in the mouth for lumps or tumors. It usually takes less than five minutes to complete the entire screen. Likewise, your dentist may opt to take things a step further and urge you to rinse with dye. Any aberrant cells in the body will absorb the dye more quickly, making detection simpler. The goal of an oral cancer screening is to look for tumors or spots that could indicate the development of mouth cancer.

What Happens If You Have Oral Cancer?

You will be told to return in a few weeks if your dentist detects evidence of oral cancer during the screening. A biopsy may be necessary if the abnormal growth persists. This entails removing tissue from the troublesome location and sending it to a lab for cancer cell testing.

dentists preparing for Oral cancer screening in coral springs

Learn More About Oral Cancer Screening in Coral Springs

It is essential to realize that not all abnormal growths or lumps are cancerous. Most dentists, however, would rather not take any chances due to the serious repercussions of failing to diagnose cancer. See us today!