How Often Should You Get a Screening for Oral Cancer?

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Do you want to know how often you should have an oral cancer screening? You complete the dental care your mouth requires regularly, which includes a routine oral cancer screening in Aventura.When oral cancer is detected early on, the odds of surviving this cancer diagnosis are significantly increased. As a result, regular oral cancer screenings are critical to your dental health, as well as your overall health.

Oral cancer screening in aventura

What Is the Purpose of an Oral Cancer Screening?

The fact that cancer can start in the mouth necessitates that everyone sees a dentist for frequent oral cancer tests. It necessitates a comprehensive examination of the mouth by a dental professional to detect any cause that could be cancerous. Additional screening treatments include X-rays and, if a suspicious sore is discovered, a biopsy. When oral cancer is detected early, the dental patient has a better chance of a complete and effective recovery.

How often should someone get their mouth checked for oral cancer?

A common rule of thumb is that everyone should have their mouths tested for oral cancer at least once a year by a dental professional. However, everyone is different, and some people will need to come in more frequently.

Who Has a Higher Chance of Developing Mouth Cancer?

Those who smoke or chew tobacco, use excessive amounts of alcohol, have a poor diet, or have a history of cancer are believed to be at a higher risk of being diagnosed with oral cancer.

Oral cancer screening in aventura

Where Should You Undergo an Oral Cancer Screening in Aventura?

While it's a good idea for everyone to visually scan their mouth for oral cancer at home, it shouldn't take the place of a professional oral cancer screening. The moment you notice any abnormal growth inside your mouth or any symptoms, visit Oral Facial Reconstruction for an oral cancer screening. Contact us for an appointment!