How Oral Surgeons Treat Jaw Defects

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According to an oral surgeon in Aventura, once the upper and lower jaws do not progress at the same speed and level, the function and appearance of the jaws may be affected. Unfortunately, many people hesitate to visit an oral surgeon as they are frightened by the thought of having to undergo oral surgery and experience post-treatment complications. However, oral surgeons are highly accomplished, skillful, and experienced to handle these conditions.

Who is the best Oral surgeon Aventura?

Reconstruction of Jaw Defects

Causes of Jaw Defects

Patients may develop jaw complications for several reasons. For example, you may be involved in an injury that resulted in an infection, facial trauma, or the defect is simply due to a flawed developmental process. Whatever the reason may be, it will lead to an under-development or defect in your jaw in certain areas. Furthermore, some pathological procedures concerning the jaw bone like neck and head cancers, tumors, or cysts can lead to jaw complications.

Oral Surgeons can Restore Jaw Defects

No matter what’s the cause of your jaw defect, our oral and maxillofacial surgeon can restore the functions and form of your jaw. Reconstruction of your lower jaw (mandibular) and upper jaw (maxillary) may vary from minor to major bone grafting treatments. Such treatment includes combined grafting procedures, soft tissue grafting, and bone grafting.Every patient’s condition is carefully assessed to determine the most efficient approach. Our oral surgeon visually checks your jaw and use imaging appliances to have a closer view of the affected part. The data gathered will be thoroughly evaluated so our surgeon can formulate a good dental plan.

Procedures Involved

The reconstruction of your jaw defect may involve several procedures. You may be required to undergo a dental implant treatment if you have lost or missing teeth. Likewise, jaw defects may affect your ability to breathe, speak, or chew properly. Surgical procedures can help restore these bodily functions.

Who is the best Oral surgeon Aventura?

Allow our Oral Surgeon in Aventura Fix your Jaw Defect

At Oral Facial Reconstruction and Implant Center, our oral and maxillofacial surgeons use advanced technologies to determine the extent of your jaw defect. A carefully-studied surgical plan is drafted to make sure that you know what will be the result of the treatment.