How Teeth in a Day® Can Make a Difference in Your Life

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Problems with your teeth can lead to many other difficulties in your life: everything from your self-confidence to your digestion could be affected. If you're looking for ways to replace lost or damaged teeth, you'll be happy to hear that Teeth in a Day® Plantation can give you the smile of your dreams in only one session.

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How Can Teeth in a Day® Make a Difference in Your Life?

They Help You Regain Your Chewing Strength

Your teeth are important for your digestive system, since chewed food is much easier for your stomach to deal with. Dental issues can therefore impair your capacity to digest meals. Teeth in a Day® restores chewing strength since each dental implant works like a natural tooth.

They Help to Keep Your Jawbone Strong

Your jawbone, also known as the mandible, is the most significant and robust bone in your face, supporting your lower teeth and creating your lower jaw. The roots of your teeth must stimulate your jawbone for it to keep its density. Each breakthrough dental implant utilized in Teeth in Day® functions as a tooth root, helping to restore your jaw's failing health.

They Help Your Facial Features Retain Their Natural Shape

Gum disease or tooth loss causes the jaw to lose solidity, giving your face a hollow appearance. This can make you appear much older than you actually are. Teeth in a Day® doesn't just preserve your facial structure. It also prevents unfavorable changes in your look. Your attractive smile and natural-looking teeth will make you appear much younger.

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Do You Need Teeth in a Day® in Plantation?

Oral Facial Reconstruction makes it a priority to give you the finest treatment possible, using the most advanced technology in a relaxing and stress-free atmosphere. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.