How to Treat Pericoronitis

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Wisdom teeth can emerge in multiple different ways. Some may even fail to completely break through the gums. There is also a chance that wisdom teeth in Coral Springs can cause pericoronitis in teens and young adults. Curious about what this dental condition is? Below are the useful facts you need to know.

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Causes and Treatments of Pericoronitis

What Are the Causes?

Pericoronitis often occurs when a tooth gets partially impacted. Because of the tooth’s positioning, it is easier for bacteria to penetrate the soft tissue, which can lead to infection.To diagnose pericoronitis, the signs may differ in severity and can include loss of appetite, fever, halitosis or bad breath, difficulty in opening your mouth or swallowing, inflamed lymph nodes in the neck, or a bad taste in the mouth.

What Are the Treatments?

This dental problem can be treated in several ways. To name a few, it can be treated through oral surgery, laser therapy, antibiotics, and saltwater rinse. Oral surgery is resorted to when the pain and inflammation caused by the impacted tooth are severe. If this happens, your oral surgeon may have to extract your third molar and restore the gum flaps so the bacteria can no longer get inside your soft tissues.If the pain or inflammation is only moderate, but it often affects your productivity, laser therapy or antibiotics should do the trick. Laser therapy involves a low-level laser treatment that decreases pain and reduces inflammation in your gums. Likewise, antibiotics work to prevent infection.

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Other Diseases Caused by Impacted Wisdom Teeth in Coral Springs

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