Influence of Bisphosphonates on Dental Implants

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Bisphosphonates have been used by chemists since the 19th century. During the early times, this substance was used for industrial purposes, primarily to avoid corrosion. With all the advancements concerning dental implants in Coral Springs, this substance is now used for treating osteoporosis.

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How Do Bisphosphonates Affect Dental Implants?

Use of Bisphosphonates

Bisphosphonates are generally used for women who are at their postmenopausal stage. This substance is used to help conditions that lead to insufficient bone mass since bisphosphonates aim to prevent or slow down bone loss so the body can quickly recover.

Study on Bisphosphonates

Researchers from Tokyo Medical and Dental University, as well as the Kanagawa Dental University Hospital, found that the use of bisphosphonates creates an impact on the mandible. The study involved 25 female patients over 60 years old - all of whom have previous osteoporosis diagnosis. The study showed that implant failure resulted in patients who took the bisphosphonates therapy.It's something to keep in mind and dentists and other health professionals should be cautious when considering placing dental implants on patients who undergo bisphosphonate therapy.

Success Rate of Dental Implants

The success rate of dental implants rests mostly on the specific surface features of titanium used that allows your bone to integrate. Therefore, the success rate may differ from one situation to another, depending on where specifically in the jaw the implants are attached.According to studies and statistics, this advanced teeth replacement has a success rate that reaches up to 98%. As proper dental hygiene and care are followed, your dental implants should last for decades.

where can i get dental implants in coral springs?

Factors That Affect the Success Rate of Dental Implants in Coral Springs

Bisphosphonate therapy is not the only factor that affects the success rate of dental implant treatment. To know more about these factors, please book an appointment at Oral Facial Reconstruction and Implant Center!