Is a General Dentist as Good as an Oral Surgeon?

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There are many Plantation oral surgery treatments supposed to be performed by oral surgeons offered at a local general dentist’s office, but can they handle complex procedures?

plantation oral surgery

General Dentists vs. Oral Surgeons

General Dentists

As the name suggests, general dentists focus on general dentistry – such as fluoride treatment, dental x-rays, teeth cleaning, dental exams, and cavity fillings. They studied for at least four years in a dental school and are proficient in basic dental procedures.While they can address basic problems such as simple tooth extractions and crowns, they don’t have the expertise to handle complex procedures. Hence, it’s best that when you need oral surgery, you go directly to an oral surgeon.

Oral Surgeons

Just like general dentists, oral surgeons also attend dental school for four years. The only difference is that they undergo additional education and specialty training. Through this, they are equipped with knowledge and expertise on handling oral and health concerns pertaining to the surrounding soft tissues, jaws, face, and mouth.While general dentists can perform a wisdom tooth extraction, most of these involve complex procedures that may require an oral surgeon's services. In fact, the majority of impacted wisdom teeth grow in complicated positions that make it challenging for a general dentist to remove.

plantation oral surgery

Plantation Oral Surgery with Better Pain Management Options

Oral surgeons are highly trained in both general anesthesia and IV sedation. It is a major component of their education and training. They are well-educated on choosing the best pain management option for complication procedures.At Oral Facial Reconstruction and Implant Center, we have well-trained and knowledgeable general dentists and oral surgeons. Contact our staff today to begin your dental treatment!