Is it Required to Remove All Wisdom Teeth at the Same Time?

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Let's suppose you're pretty convinced one of your wisdom teeth has to be removed because it's giving you discomfort, or you believe it's impacted. Your next step should be to consult with an expert oral surgeon in Plantation. However, their suggestion may surprise you.Your dental surgeon is unlikely to suggest merely removing the problematic tooth. The optimum strategy for most people is to remove two or all four wisdom teeth at the same time. This is why:

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Wisdom Teeth Removal: When Is It Necessary?

Why Is It a Good Idea to Remove All of Your Wisdom Teeth at Once?

Oral surgeons have solid grounds for suggesting wisdom tooth removal for all four teeth. But why are they being removed at the same time?To begin with, spacing out the tooth extractions will cost more because you will be paying for numerous treatments. There's also the recovery period; you'll be out of work or school for longer if you have multiple procedures.Let's also not forget about your wisdom teeth extraction experience as a whole. Are you comfortable with the thought of repeating the process? If we had to guess, the answer would be no.

Is It Necessary to Extract a Healthy Wisdom Tooth?

The removal of a wisdom tooth sometimes isn't necessary. As a result, you might inform your oral surgeon that you'd like to have just the troublesome molar extracted.However, before you make that decision, you should be aware that third molars are known to produce a variety of dental problems. Teeth that emerge at an angle or become caught in the gums are common. In some instances, the uneven development leads to overcrowding or tooth damage in the surrounding teeth.You'll also be increasing your risk of gum disease if you choose to have only one wisdom teeth removed. Because the region around the third molars is challenging to clean, germs thrive there.

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