Is Jaw Pain After Dental Surgery a Sign of Something Wrong?

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It's not unusual to feel a little uncomfortable following Aventura oral surgery or any dental procedure. Treatments such as tooth extractions require time to recover, and even a filling might make your mouth sore for a day or two. Even routine dental cleanings might cause discomfort for a short period. If we believe you may have pain following a treatment, we will provide you with care instructions or drugs to help you manage it. However, if jaw discomfort persists or is severe after dental work, there may be an underlying reason.

Man checking jaw at Aventura oral surgery

Causes of Severe Pain After a Tooth Extraction

Dry Socket

Jaw discomfort may be caused by a condition known as a "dry socket," which occurs after a tooth is extracted and the blood clot that develops is dislodged – or it never develops in the first place. It's critical to treat the problem quickly if you have a dry socket to avoid infection. Your dentist can wipe out any food debris in the empty socket and apply a medicated bandage to protect it and relieve discomfort.

Sore Jaw and Muscles

The patient's mouth can remain open for an extended time during long operations like root canals and certain fillings. This might impose strain on the jaw muscles, resulting in pain later. Cold and/or heat applied to the afflicted region might help ease the pain.

Infection Symptoms

It's most probable that you have an infection if your discomfort is accompanied by a fever, edema, and persistent bleeding. If you have a pus-infected tooth, your dentist will most likely prescribe an antibiotic to take before the surgery. This will make the extraction less painful and prevent infection and make numbing the teeth simpler.

Woman experiencing jaw pain at Aventura oral surgery

Think You Need Aventura Oral Surgery?

If you're experiencing severe pain, or need more information about the oral surgery services we provide, don't hesitate to contact us about your symptoms at Oral Facial Reconstruction or book an appointment for a consultation with our oral surgeon.