Is Jaw Surgery Required to Fix a Bad Bite?

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Do you require jaw surgery if you have a poor bite? Only an expert in orthognathic surgery in Pembroke Pines may provide a solution to that concern. Oral surgeons with experience can assess the severity of your underbite or overbite and provide a treatment plan. Oral Facial Reconstruction encourages you to book a consultation with us to discuss if jaw surgery is right for you. Meanwhile, you might be interested in learning more about the many treatment options available to oral surgeons for bite correction.

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Treatment for Misaligned Jaws

Nonsurgical Treatment for an Underbite

Nonsurgical procedures are frequently used to treat mild bite problems. Braces, clear aligners, or an upper jaw expander are commonly utilized to realign the teeth in individuals with mild underbites. An orthodontist is usually the one who performs these procedures. However, it takes time for the findings to appear. To correct an underbite, patients may need to wear braces for a year or more.

Surgical Treatment for an Underbite

A poor bite affects the facial look, and patients may experience eating issues and communication difficulties. Because a projecting lower jaw makes it more difficult to maintain oral hygiene, severe underbites can increase the risk of cavities and gum disease. Braces alone aren't enough in many situations of poor and severe bite. However, patients can have braces put on after undergoing surgery. Oral surgeons and orthodontists collaborate to design a treatment plan when jaw surgery is necessary to repair an underbite. Treatment may take years in circumstances when bite correction requires both orthodontics and surgery.

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Are You Looking for Orthognathic Surgery in Pembroke Pines?

Although orthognathic surgery is primarily intended to correct a patient's bite, many people find that it also improves their speech and appearance. Make careful to take care of your facial features since they significantly impact many aspects of your life. Learn how orthognathic surgery can help you live a better life. Now is the time to contact Oral Facial Reconstruction's expert team of oral and maxillofacial surgeons.