Is Oral Cancer Screening Worth It?

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Have you ever wondered what happens during an oral cancer screening in Aventura? On request, all dentists have the training to do verbal cancer tests. Some dentists advise getting screened for oral cancer based on lifestyle choices or family history. These visual evaluations can save lives and can be finished in minutes. Moreover, a quick examination can calm a patient who may be concerned about cancer.

woman with tongue cancer detected by an oral cancer screening in Aventura

Oral Cancer Screening is Essential

Ask for an Oral Cancer Screening

At every dental examination, the patient should ask for an oral cancer screening (even if there are no outward symptoms of the condition). Typically, dentists are already checking for oral cancer symptoms and signs during a checkup, but it never hurts to request a screening. Screenings for oral cancer ought to be done before any symptoms emerge.

What Takes Place During an Oral Cancer Examination?

A visual inspection plus a physical examination of the tongue, palate, soft tissues, and gums makes up an oral cancer screening. Other significant components of oral cancer screenings include checking the nose, face, neck, lips, and inside of mouth. Before the test, the patient must take out all oral appliances, including dentures and retainers. This makes every mouth region that might be at risk for oral cancer more visible. The dentist will first check for asymmetries. Any enlargement, lumps, pimples, white patches, sores, rough areas, and other anomalies will be inspected. To examine the inside of the mouth and nose, your dentist will use a small light and mirror and check the throat's back using a tongue depressor. The dentist will touch the patient's head, cheeks, jaw, chin, and oral cavity during the physical examination. They'll be on the lookout for anything unusual. When unusual lumps or nodules are detected, they may require further inspection. Uncommonly recognized oral cancer symptoms include the inability of usually mobile tissue to move. When pressure is applied to these areas, it typically hurts as well. Nevertheless, not all malignant sites will hurt.

dentist and patient looking at the results of an oral cancer screening in Aventura

Where to Schedule an Oral Cancer Screening in Aventura?

Oral cancer screenings can help your dentist identify potential problem areas, but some conditions require a more thorough diagnosis. Get checked by our experienced dentist. Call us whenever you’re available.