Is Oral Surgery a Major Surgery?

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Oral surgery in Pembroke Pines FL is a distinct procedure conducted by an oral surgeon or dentist to enhance the look of a patient’s smile, correct dental conditions, or treat other diseases.

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Types of Minor or Major Surgery

Tooth Extraction

Dental procedures will depend on the nature and condition of your teeth and mouth. Major surgeries are comprehensive, while minor ones are merely routinary and easily performed. As for tooth extractions, they mostly involve minor surgery.However, when an infection or decay has penetrated your gums, it may require major surgery to fully remove the bacteria or infection.


There are two basic types of frenums - lingual and labial frenum. If any sort of complication arises from either frenum, a frenectomy is performed to fix the issue. The frenum is usually reduced in size with a scalpel or a laser made specifically to cut soft tissue.

Gum Surgery

Gum surgery will restore and enhance your attractive smile, decrease the sensitivity of your teeth, protect your teeth against recession, and stabilize or strengthen the gum covering your tooth. The surgery performed is mostly major as it involves the gums, and intricate parts may be affected if not performed properly.

Dental Implant Surgery

Just like tooth extraction, dental implant surgery is primarily a minor surgery. However, dental implants may include other procedures such as bone grafting. This additional procedure is necessary for patients who have a surgical site with insufficient bone or no surrounding tooth.Likewise, sinus lifts or sinus augmentation may also be conducted to graft more bone and lift the sinus floor into the sinus. In this way, there will be more than sufficient bone quantity to support dental implants.

where can i get oral surgery in pembroke pines fl?

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