Is Oral Surgery Covered by Medical or Dental Insurance?

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If you're considering major Plantation oral surgery, you probably have questions about whether your health or dental insurance will help with the expense. The healing of damaged tissues, removal of tumors, biopsies, dental implants, removal of unhealthy or impacted teeth, and other surgical procedures involving the bones and soft tissues in the face are all examples of oral surgery.Knowing how your insurance can help with the cost is vital because sometimes these surgeries will require more.

patient undergoes Plantation oral surgery

Oral Surgery: Is It Dental or Medical?

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance has several advantages, including cheaper dental care costs for oral surgery, such as correcting an abscessed tooth. Your dental insurance can pay all or part of the cost of numerous oral surgeries and other dental procedures. However, it typically will not cover treatments completely simply for cosmetic reasons.

Health Insurance

While many oral surgery procedures are done to assist dental patients with oral health-related issues, some may be necessary in relation to other health issues that don’t only affect the mouth. If you experienced trauma or have a health issue that indirectly affects your mouth, there is a chance health insurance might cover a procedure. If you are unsure, it’s important to ask your dentist.While there are some health insurance plans that include dental services, it is very rare, and you will most likely need a separate dental insurance.

patient about to get Plantation oral surgery

Ask a Dentist About Plantation Oral Surgery!

If you’re still unsure on whether your treatment is a dental procedure covered by dental insurance, get a hold of our dental professionals at Oral Facial Reconstruction. We are always happy to help our patients in any way we can.