Is Orthognathic Surgery Worth It?

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If you're concerned about your health, you know how crucial it is to routinely follow through with things, especially when it comes to a good diet and exercise routine. But having good dental health is also a part of being healthy. If you have obstructive sleep apnea, trouble chewing or swallowing, or jaw pain, it’s best that you have it treated through orthognathic surgery in Coral Springs.

Woman under Orthognathic surgery in coral springs

Important Facts About Orthognathic Surgery

Who Performs Corrective Jaw Surgery?

Corrective jaw surgery, also referred to as orthognathic surgery, is carried out by specialists. They are doctors who have received training in oral and maxillofacial surgical methods.Sometimes oral and maxillofacial surgeons collaborate with orthodontists - dentists who specialize in realigning or straightening teeth. The reason for this is that wearing braces alone is frequently not the sole solution required for straightening teeth.

Why Undergo Surgery?

Orthognathic surgery will stabilize the orthodontic treatment and lower the possibility of an orthodontic relapse, which is when the teeth crowd. It also avoids having to repeat orthodontic treatment, which can be time-consuming and expensive. The final surgical strategy is determined by the requirements of each patient and is tailored to provide the greatest results.

Why Would Orthognathic Surgery Be Necessary?

Corrective surgery serves as an aid when a facial injury damages the jawbone or teeth. Bone grafting and dental implants are two procedures that can help restore the function and aesthetics of your jaw, giving you a brand-new smile. The remedy is frequently corrective jaw surgery.Untreated sleep apnea, which can be devastating and dangerous, is often brought on by misaligned jaws, which can affect sleep. Jaw modifications to push your jaws slightly forward to avoid the throat tissues from obstructing your breathing while you sleep may be used as a treatment for sleep apnea. This process will help you sleep better and allow you to receive the rest you need.

Man undergoing Orthognathic surgery in coral springs

Know More About Orthognathic Surgery in Coral Springs

Our oral surgeons have attained the greatest degree of training and education in oral and maxillofacial surgery, including difficult rehabilitation of the jaw. Contact us if you’re ready to set an appointment or you have questions about orthognathic surgery.