Is Teeth in a Day® Right for Me?

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A consultation with your dentist is an ideal way to determine whether Teeth in a Day® in Coral Springs is right for you. They will perform an all-inclusive dental exam to assess if this treatment meets your specific needs.

where can i get teeth in a day in coral springs?

Who Qualifies as a Good Candidate?

Damaged or Missing Teeth

Generally speaking, everyone who has a damaged or missing tooth is a good candidate for Teeth in a Day®. Likewise, patients who don’t want to undergo bridgework or dentures treatment can choose this procedure for durable and long-lasting results.

Insufficient Bone Density

Aside from aesthetics and durability, Teeth in a Day® is the ultimate dental solution if you just lost or damaged a tooth but your jawbone density can’t support the regular dental implants.This dental treatment can offer you a permanent solution without the extensive process and recovery associated with dental implants. It is an exquisite dental treatment that can instantly bring back the confidence in your smile from a set of decayed and a few missing teeth to a new set of beautiful, bright, and fully functional smiles.

Factors to Consider Before Treatment

Your dentist may conduct a bone grafting procedure if your bone density is extremely insufficient to support the implants. Likewise, if you have periodontal disease, this will have to be addressed prior to your Teeth in a Day® treatment.

where can i get teeth in a day in coral springs?

Get Your Teeth in a Day® in Coral Springs

If at the moment, you’re not a good candidate for Teeth in a Day®, our dentists may be able to establish a comprehensive and personalized treatment plan to change that. Schedule your consultation with our friendly staff at Oral Facial Reconstruction and Implant Center to know if you can get Teeth in a Day®!