Is There a Difference Between Oral Surgeons and Dentists?

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You may deal with more than a general dentist as you care for your dental health. If you’re in Plantation and need to undergo oral surgery, you’ll need a surgeon. Let’s learn the distinctions between oral surgeons and dentists.

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Dental Surgery Versus Oral Surgery

What They Target and Treat

Despite having specialized in separate areas of dentistry, oral surgeons and general dentists frequently collaborate to advance the overall oral health of their patients. Your primary source of care for oral health is covered by dental surgery. When you go to the dentist, you get your teeth cleaned, cavities are filled, X-rays are taken, and you may receive other treatments, including dentures, bridges, or crowns. Additionally, your dentist will recommend how to better your dental health. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons specialize in performing surgery that treats conditions affecting your mouth, jaw, or face. Oral surgery is practiced by dental professionals who are experienced in performing complex wisdom teeth. They also perform more complicated procedures such as reconstructive surgery following an accident, soft tissue repair, biopsies, implant placement, jaw realignment, and tumor removal. Surgeons specializing in oral surgery can handle head, neck, and mouth cancers. Additionally, these dental professionals may assist with facial infections, lesions, cleft lips or palates, and nerve restoration. Oral surgeons can successfully administer all levels of anesthesia. This allows you to select other solutions, such as a local anesthetic that numbs one portion of the body.

The Crossover

There are various conditions that oral surgeons and dentists both addresses. They are capable of doing simple procedures like teeth extractions. Oral surgeons usually undertake more difficult operations and tooth extractions like wisdom teeth. You may consult a dentist or an oral surgeon for a straightforward tooth extraction or implant installation.

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Are You in Plantation and Planning to Get Oral Surgery?

Oral surgeons finish all the prerequisite training for becoming dentists and additional surgical training. They manage dental operations of all degrees of difficulty. You can go to the dentist or an oral surgeon for tooth extraction, but you'll need to see an oral surgeon for a more complicated case, including jaw reconstruction. Contact us today!