Is TMJ a Dental or Medical Concern?

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To find the best treatment, people with TMJ issues must first identify their condition's underlying source. However, you may have noticed that offices of ENT (ear, nose, and throat) experts and dentists provide treatments for TMJ in Aventura. So, is TMJ disorder a dental or medical problem?

woman suffering from pain due to TMJ in Aventura

How Do Dentists Treat TMD?

Custom-Made Splints or Mouth Guards

Splints designed especially for you can be worn over your upper or lower teeth. You won't clench or grind your teeth because these splints function as a cushion between your teeth. This allows the temporomandibular joint enough rest and aid in its quick recovery.


The procedure for treating TMJ is known as arthroscopy, and it entails placing the joint correctly and carrying out any other actions that would solve any underlying internal issues with the joint.

Both Dental and Medical Concerns

Regarding whether TMD is a dental or medical issue, the answer lies in the origin of the disorder. For instance, certain medical conditions like fibromyalgia can produce broad pain involving the jaw. However, some will likely also experience pain in other body parts, which can contribute to this disease. Another medical problem that may result in TMJ disorder is arthritis. TMJ difficulties, however, can also be a dental issue, mainly if an underlying tooth issue brings them on. For instance, bruxism, or tooth grinding, is another cause of jaw discomfort. During the consultation, the dentist can identify any warning signs of bruxism and suggest a course of action to help lessen the jaw pain.

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Worried About Your TMJ in Aventura?

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