Issues Covered by Oral Pathology

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Even the healthiest individuals occasionally experience problems. Oral pathology in Plantation, FL, assists us in determining the causes of any pain, bleeding, or strange symptoms you may be experiencing in your mouth. Oral pathology is essential because it helps identify specific problems so that we can treat them appropriately if we have them. For instance, bacteria and viruses are very different types of organisms. Both can make you ill, but to receive the proper care, dental and medical professionals must identify the exact condition.

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Common Diseases Detected by Oral Pathology

Bad Breath

Otherwise called halitosis, bad breath is a dental issue that affects 85% of people. Dental problems that can result in halitosis include gum disease, tooth decay, oral cancer, dry mouth, and bacteria on the tongue.

Dental Thrush

One of several types of oral infections brought on by the development of the dangerous Candida Fungus in the mouth is oral thrush. Infants and people with reduced immunity are most affected by this illness. Because it causes milky white sores that cover the tongue and cheeks, oral thrush is very noticeable. Candida fungus can affect the tonsils and throat if untreated for an extended period, making it difficult to swallow.

Oral Cancer

The throat, tongue, cheeks, and lips are just a few parts of the mouth that oral cancer can affect. If you don't go to the dentist as often as recommended, it may go unnoticed for a while. This condition is typically characterized by swelling, tingling sore with a red or white surface and may be brought on by excessive cigarette use or the Human Papillomavirus (HPV).

Decayed Teeth and Cavities

Tooth decay is one of the most widespread dental conditions, affecting millions of children and adults worldwide. Cavities develop due to tooth decay brought on by failing to wash your teeth after ingesting a significant amount of sweet and acidic meals and beverages. These compounds damage the enamel, eventually enabling the growth of germs that cause cavities.

Gum Disease

If you’re diagnosed with gum disease, you should look after your gums more often. It is typically brought on by failing to floss your teeth regularly. Gingivitis or periodontitis, the early stages of periodontal disease, eventually develop due to the accumulation of germs that cause plaque.

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