What to Expect Before and After Sedation

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Wisdom teeth extraction is a procedure that’s essential when the teeth grow imperfectly and misaligned, producing dental issues in the face and mouth. Although tooth removal involves simple procedures, most individuals still choose to delay the process up to the time when the pain becomes unbearable and the gums are now infected. Thus, it is important to see the dentist once your wisdom tooth erupted. However, you need to prepare for the procedure that happens before and after surgery, especially when you need to undergo IV sedation wisdom teeth in Pembroke Pines.

Before and After Expectations

Before the Surgery

Prior to your appointment and if possible, you need to avoid eating and drinking foods and beverages as this may induce aspiration and vomiting. Another tip you need to consider before going to the dentist is to wear loose clothing so you can relax and breathe easily. Also, some dentists require that you wear slip off shoes and avoid wearing jewelry during the IV sedation wisdom teeth in Pembroke Pines treatment.If you’re a heavy alcohol drinker or you regularly smoke, it is best that you avoid these habits a day before your appointment. Likewise, if you have high blood pressure or diabetes, you need to check your results on the day of the surgery and take your medications with as little water as possible.

After the Surgery

After your surgery with regards to IV sedation wisdom teeth in Pembroke Pines, pain medications such as Percocet, Vicodin, Norco, and ibuprofen. Additionally, there are restrictions as to the food you eat. Some of these include mac and cheese, pasta, ice cream, smoothies, potatoes, yogurt, eggs, pancakes, and anything that are not hard. You can slowly eat solid foods once your surgical site fully heals.

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