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Pain isn’t the only problem that wisdom teeth can cause. If it doesn’t erupt correctly, it can become impacted and cause a bunch of oral problems, like swollen gums, jaw pain, and it can even infection. That’s why the wisest thing you can do is to have them extracted. If you’re worried about the pain, your dentist will administer IV sedation wisdom teeth Pembroke Pines, so you won’t feel a thing throughout the procedure. Depending on the intricacy of the procedure and what works best for you, here are some types of anesthesia for your wisdom teeth extraction:

IV Sedation Wisdom Teeth Pembroke Pines Anesthesia

Your oral surgeon will administer sedation anesthesia to you via an IV (intravenous) line. This type of anesthesia suppresses your awareness during the entire procedure. This means that you’ll barely have any memory about the entire procedure and you also won’t feel any pain.

Local Anesthesia

Local anesthesia will be administered using one or more injections close to the extraction site. But before this, your oral surgeon will numb your gums. This type of anesthesia leaves you conscious during the entire procedure, but you won't experience any pain.

General Anesthesia

Some situations require general anesthesia. This can be administered through the nose or an IV line in your arm, or sometimes both. Once you lose consciousness, a surgical team will keep an eye on your breathing, fluids, temperature, and blood pressure. You surely won’t experience any pain and you won’t remember anything about the procedure. For any postop pain and discomfort, you will be given local anesthesia.

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No need to get anxious from wisdom teeth extractions. Thanks to IV sedation wisdom teeth Pembroke Pines, you never have to feel pain or remember anything from the procedure! At Oral Facial Reconstruction, our team of the experienced oral surgeon will make sure that you have a pleasant dental experience throughout your entire procedure. Call us for inquiries or visit our website for more dental service!