Knowing How to Choose Your Surgeon; The Key to Implants

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In the case of dental implants in Aventura, it’s important to find a skilled and experienced oral surgeon to take care of this surgery. Let’s take a look at the aspects we must keep in mind when choosing one.


Knowledge and Experience

It’s essential that the surgeon has the necessary academic training. In addition, it’s important that they have extensive experience in this type of procedure to ensure that the surgery goes smoothly. The more experience the doctor has in this type of intervention, the better-prepared they will be to solve any problems during the surgery.


The implantologist must explain to the patient the steps to follow during the whole process, addressing the possible risks and solutions to any problems that may arise.


You should be given an estimate of the entire treatment including the placement of implants, their parts, the necessary X-rays to perform the treatment, and the provisional prostheses if necessary. Be wary of a dental office if they give you an estimate without at least a panoramic x-ray.  

The Relationship with the Specialist is Essential

The relationship with the specialist is essential. It’s important to trust the dentist and feel comfortable with them. You also have to trust the staff and feel comfortable in the environment, so it’s best to make sure you like everything about your dentist before agreeing on a treatment plan.


Need Dental Implants in Aventura?

Allow yourself to ask questions and ask for as much information as you feel you need. Choose a doctor who will take the time, give you confidence, and will not skimp on answering all your questions. Call us now at Oral Facial Reconstruction for an appointment!