Surgeries Performed by Oral Surgeons

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Miami oral surgery is a surgical process conducted in or around your jaw and mouth, normally by a surgeon or specialized dentist who is trained to conduct specific types of oral surgeries. Speaking of types of oral surgeries, there are several types including root canal and tooth removal treatments. Some may include the removal of a tumor or repositioning of the jaw. Below are the surgeries performed by oral surgeons.

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Common Oral Surgery Procedures

Palate or Cleft Lip Surgery

This type of surgery is normally conducted by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. Miami oral surgery performs this surgery to correct the disorders in a patient’s facial structure that are caused by a birth defect. If you’re one of those who have palate or cleft lip defects and you underwent facial trauma or any traumatic dental injury, reconstructive surgery will be required. Oral surgeons specialize in reconstructing and repairing facial structures. These surgeons can likewise set a dense and compact foundation for restorative and cosmetic dental work, including the system of tooth replacement and placement of dental implants.

Orthognathic Surgery

Orthognathic surgery, commonly known as corrective jaw surgery is occasionally required when orthodontics is not sufficient to realign your bite. In some instances, Miami oral surgery treatments are needed to address skeletal problems and severe orthodontic conditions, as well as, to repair congenital abnormalities and other related disorders.

Tooth Extractions

This type of Miami oral surgery is the most common procedure. Patients usually undergo this surgery when they have impacted wisdom teeth. Fortunately, this process is routine and often performed in the dental clinic using the systems and procedures of sedation dentistry.

who offers Miami oral surgery?

Know More About Miami Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is divided into several types. Hence, you need to get the services of professionals to determine the correct treatment and surgery applicable to your dental issue. Contact us today!