Mini Implants Versus Dental Implants

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Losing a tooth is a big deal since it can lower your self-esteem and endanger the conditions of the surrounding teeth. It may be caused by several reasons such as tooth decay, oral trauma, and gum disease. To address this problem, mini implants and dental implants in Plantation can be the perfect solution.

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Difference Between Mini Implants and Dental Implants

What are Mini Implants?

As the name suggests, these are smaller versions of the standard dental implants. Generally, to be a good candidate for regular implants, you need to have sufficient bone mass. With tooth loss, your bone mass depreciates. This is where mini implants come into the picture. The treatment is availed by patients who don’t want to undergo a bone grafting procedure.This dental treatment consists of a small titanium rod, roughly the diameter of a toothpick. Mini implants are designed with a tiny circle on the exposed end, which serves as an anchor for the elastic O-rings that connect your teeth to the implant.As for the procedure, placing these implants involves the same process as that of the regular implants. Local sedation or anesthesia is administered to the affected area, and incisions are made to expose your jawbone. After which, your dentist will drill into your bone and attach the implants. Your gums will then be switched back, leaving a small area above your gums for the temporary teeth to be placed while your gums heal.Once the healing period is completed, the process of creating permanent teeth will begin. The method includes taking an impression and fabricating new artificial teeth.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a very popular solution for replacing lost teeth amidst the numerous treatment options available. During the healing phase, your bone merges to the implants, turning them into permanent support for your teeth. Its huge difference from mini implants is it requires sufficient jawbone to hold the implants in place.

where can i get the best dental implants in plantation?

Where to Get Dental Implants in Plantation

Just because you don’t qualify for fixed bridges or dentures doesn’t mean you can’t find a solution with dental implants. Call Oral Facial Reconstruction to schedule your consultation and find out whether dental implants are for you.