These Risk Factors Can Increase Chance of Mouth Cancer

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Most experts don’t know what causes mouth cancers. Nonetheless, studies show that numerous factors probably result in an increased risk. For example, around 90% of mouth cancers can be associated with an unhealthy lifestyle like excessive alcohol consumption and smoking. If you have any of the risk factors below, you should schedule an oral cancer screening in Aventura, so you’ll know if you have mouth cancer or not.

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What Factors Increase the Risk of Mouth Cancer?


According to oral cancer experts, smoking is the primary factor that increases a patient’s risk of developing mouth cancer. Approximately more than 55 out of 100 mouth cancers are due to smoking. Additionally, second-hand smoke may also contribute to the increase of mouth cancer risk. So, if you don’t want to develop this condition, it’s important to quit smoking.

Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Although excessive alcohol consumption comprises only about 25% of all mouth cancer risk factors, it’s still a possibility. Drinking alcoholic beverages should only be done in moderation since too much can negatively affect your health.


Whatever health condition you may have, your diet always plays an important role. If you have a poor diet, you’re more likely to experience and acquire multiple illnesses or diseases. Also, if your diet is low in vegetables and fruits, the risk of developing mouth cancer may increase. To address this issue, you can take vitamins and minerals to supply your body with essential nutrients.


Another mouth cancer risk factor is genetics. You are more likely to have mouth cancer if you carry certain inherited genes from someone who has this condition. According to experts, links to mouth cancer can be found in patients with genetic conditions affecting the fingernails, skin, and bone marrow.

where to get oral cancer screening in aventura

Early Mouth Cancer Detection Through an Oral Cancer Screening in Aventura

If you happen to have one of these common risk factors and are experiencing mouth cancer symptoms such as bad breath, mouth pain, and mouth sores, you should schedule an appointment with Oral Facial Reconstruction and Implant Center! Through this appointment, you’ll be able to address mouth cancer before it worsens.