Myths and Facts You Need to Know About Wisdom Teeth

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What good are our wisdom teeth in Plantation if all they do is obstruct the passage of other teeth? Is there a reason for them to be there? Is it a given that they'll be kicked out? Join us as we debunk some of the most common rumors and confirm some of the facts!


Myths and Facts Exposed

Myth: It Is Necessary to Remove All Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are often misunderstood as requiring extraction in any instance. There are times when dental extraction isn't necessary, and your dentist will assess your situation.

Fact: Not Everyone Has Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth aren’t always there. That’s right. Some people are just born lucky. Keep in mind that only X-rays can confirm or disprove their existence behind your gums.

Fact: After a Wisdom Teeth Extraction, Drinking and Smoking Can Be Dangerous

To avoid pain and help your wound to heal properly, follow your dentist's instructions. Clots form in the area of the tooth that has been removed after an extraction, and these clots must remain intact. Drinking and smoking increases the risk of clots becoming dislodged. This can then lead to a dry socket – an extremely painful infection you would certainly want to steer clear of.

Myth: Wisdom Teeth Aren’t Valuable

They're the complete opposite! They are a great source of stem cells that can be extracted and preserved for eventual use in the treatment of illnesses.


Do You Need an Appointment to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth in Plantation?

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