Symptoms and Risk Factors of Oral Cancer

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Oral cancer is a fatal disease often overlooked by many. That’s why many individuals diagnosed with oral cancer discover the disease later, which makes treatment difficult. But early diagnosis through oral cancer screening in Aventura and knowing the risk factors that contribute to the disease can help prevent or treat oral cancer. However, before understanding the risk factors, it is equally important that you know the common symptoms of oral cancer.

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Must-Know Symptoms and Risk Factors to Avoid Oral Cancer


The common symptoms before one should undergo an oral cancer screening in Aventura are numbness in the mouth, tongue pain, earaches, and mouth sores. If you feel numbness in some of your mouth, there’s a possibility that you have an oral cancer tumor. Also, your tongue is very sensitive, so any growth or lesion in that area can cause extreme pain and discomfort. If you’re experiencing pain in the tongue area, it’s essential that you consult with your doctor. As for earaches, it may only affect one side of your head. This means that it has nothing to do with your ears and has something to do with your tongue. It indicates that there is an infection or an abnormal growth in those areas. Schedule an oral cancer screening in Aventura immediately if the pain persists.

Risk Factors

When it comes to risk factors, the most common are graft-versus-host-disease, lichen planus, and immune system suppression. Graft-versus-host-disease is a condition that often develops after a stem-cell transplant. The new stem cells implanted in your body may lead to an immune response attacking your cells and tissues. Hence, it’s best to undergo oral cancer screening in Aventura to prevent it.Lichen planus is an illness in the form of an itchy rash. It can sometimes appear as white lines or spots in the throat and mouth. Individuals who have a severe case lichen planus have a higher chance of developing oral cancer. Additionally, taking drugs that suppress your immune system, such as those used to keep organ transplants from being rejected, can increase your risk of developing oral cancer.

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Exceptional Oral Cancer Screening in Aventura

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