What are the Symptoms of Oral Cancer?

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Oral cancer signs and symptoms are often mistaken for other concerns, such as having a cold or straightforward toothache. If you continuously experience such symptoms for several weeks, it is highly essential that you see a dentist or doctor and immediately get an oral cancer screening in Aventura. Other, less severe conditions may cause many symptoms due to oral tumors. Hence, you need to know the different symptoms that may lead to oral cancer.

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Common and Rare Symptoms

Common Symptoms of Oral Cancer

Among the several signs of oral cancer, the most common are persistent bad breath, mouth pain, and mouth sore that do not heal, irregular weight loss, a lump or thickening in the cheek and neck, and void changes. You may also experience pain in the jaw or teeth, loosening the teeth, jaw swelling, and numbness of the tongue or other parts of your mouth. Thus, if you continuously experience any of these symptoms for a week or 2, you need to undergo an oral cancer screening in Aventura immediately.

Rare Symptoms of Oral Cancer

Aside from the common symptoms, you also need to schedule other diseases that cause an appointment for an oral cancer screening in Aventura since there are rare signs and symptoms that you may think. Examples of tingling or burning facial sensations, pain the facial muscles, pain when chewing, difficulty opening the jaw, jaw stiffness, ringing in the ear, and ear pain that may be experienced from the cheeks and jaw.

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When to Undergo Oral Cancer Screening in Aventura?

Generally, every individual should undergo an oral cancer screening once every year. However, if you’re short in budget, you can always skip the first year and schedule an appointment once every two years. Nonetheless, if you continuously experience the symptoms mentioned above, it is best that you immediately schedule an appointment with us!