Oral Cancer Screening Aventura | What You Need to Know About Lip Cancer

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Lip cancer is the most common type of oral cancer, affecting mostly men. What's alarming about this is that more and more people are developing oral cancer each year. But what's more alarming is that only a few people are well aware of oral cancer and only a few take their oral health seriously. That’s why, if you suspect you have oral cancer, don’t hesitate to visit your dentist immediately for an oral cancer screening Aventura. To educate you about oral cancer, here’s what you need to know about lip and mouth cancer.

Lip Cancer

Lip cancer is considered to be the most common type of oral cancer. There are two types of lip cancer: basal cell and squamous cell. Most lip cancer forms in the squamous cells, which are flat and thin cells that line your lips and mouth.

Symptoms for Lip Cancer

Oral cancer symptoms are often mistaken for other dental diseases. Here are some of the common lip cancer symptoms:

  • Persistent lip sore.
  • Persistent lip pain or numbness.
  • Thickened lips or formation of lumps.
  • Red or white patches on the lips.
  • Abnormal growth in the neck.

Lip Cancer Treatments

Oral cancer screening Aventura plays a crucial role in creating an effective treatment plan that causes little damage to healthy tissues as possible and few side effects. Your treatment plan will depend on the diagnosis, size, location, and stage of your lip cancer. A lot of people diagnosed with lip cancer at an early stage prefer to have any lumps or abnormal growth surgically removed. Other treatment options are the following: radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and targeted drug therapy.

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Where to Have Your Oral Cancer Screening Aventura?

If you notice any abnormalities around your oral and maxillofacial areas it’s best to undergo oral cancer screening Aventura immediately. At Oral Facial Reconstruction, our team of experienced oral surgeons will guarantee that your oral cancer screening will be a comfortable and pleasant experience. Contact us for inquiries!