Oral Cancer Screening Coral Springs | Common Questions Asked About Oral Cancer

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Nobody wants to suffer from oral cancer. That’s why good oral hygiene, regular dental visits, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are encouraged. But not everyone is taking good care of their teeth or taking their oral health seriously, thus increasing their risk of developing oral cancer. If you suspect you have oral cancer, it is best to undergo oral cancer screening Coral Springs to treat it while it's still at its curable stage. You must also have a lot of questions in mind. To help you, we’ve compiled a list of common questions asked about oral cancer.

What is Oral Cancer?

Oral cancer is a disease that develops in and around your oral and maxillofacial areas. It occurs when cancer cells multiply and grow uncontrollably. More than 90% of oral cancers form and develop in the thin, flat squamous cells that line your mouth and throat.

What are the Symptoms I Should Look Out For?

Most symptoms of oral cancer are mistaken for other oral diseases, and it's not always that symptoms manifest. But if you notice any abnormal growth inside your mouth, it's best to undergo oral cancer screening Coral Springs immediately. Here are some of the common symptoms of oral cancer:

  • A persistent mouth sore
  • Persistent mouth pain
  • Abnormal growth in the form of lumps or cysts
  • Thickening of the lining of your cheeks
  • White or red patches on your gums, lining, tongue, or tonsil
  • Persistent sore throat

How is Oral Cancer Diagnosed?

Oral cancer is diagnosed through oral cancer screening. Undergoing oral cancer screening will help identify pre-cancers of the mouth, but most oral cancers are detected once a patient experiences symptoms. Oral cancer screening involves a physical exam that checks your head, neck, and mouth. Biopsy and imaging tests will also be performed to verify if the cells from the sample extracted are cancerous.

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Where to Undergo Oral Cancer Screening Coral Springs?

The moment you notice any abnormal growth inside your mouth or any symptoms, visit Oral Facial Reconstruction for an oral cancer screening Coral Springs immediately. Contact us for an appointment!