Oral Cancer Screening Coral Springs | What You Need to Know About Oral Cancer Screening

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Oral cancer may be found in any part of the throat or mouth. However, males who are 40 years old and above are at high risk of oral cancer. The risk is even higher if the lifestyle involves heavy alcohol and tobacco consumption. To avoid the development of mouth cancer, it is essential to get an oral cancer screening Coral Springs.

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Facts You Need to Know Before Your Oral Cancer Screening

What Is It?

Oral cancer screening is an analysis conducted by a doctor or dentist to determine whether precancerous conditions exist or there are signs of cancer in your mouth. It seeks to identify oral cancer as early as possible when there is still time to cure the condition. Likewise, there are dentists who conduct examinations during your regular dental visit while there are some who use additional examination to identify irregular cells in your throat or mouth. In contrast, medical organizations are inclined with the idea that healthy individuals without risk factors need an oral cancer examination. However, it is still important that from time to time you get a screening, especially when you engage in heavy alcohol and tobacco consumption.

Why Is It Important?

The objective of oral cancer screening is to investigate and identify precancerous lesions and early signs of oral cancer. It is important because mouth cancer can be easily and effectively treated if identified at an early stage. According to statistics, about 84% of oral cancer cases can be determined by a dental professional. At Oral Facial Reconstruction and Implant Center, we have cutting-edge technology, methods, and techniques to detect the early signs of oral cancer.

who offers oral cancer screening coral springs?

Concerned About Your Cancer Risk? Get an Oral Cancer Screening Coral Springs Today!

There are various factors that increase the risk of mouth cancer. Examples of which are constant sun exposure, prior oral cancer diagnosis, and heavy alcohol or tobacco consumption. Hence, if you happen to have these contributory factors, it’s high time that you request an appointment.