Tests That Determine Oral Cancers

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Numerous individuals neglect their dental health until they start to feel pain and discomfort. And by the time they will visit the dentist because they either need to go through extensive dental work to save their tooth or have their tooth pulled-out to keep them. But with oral cancer, early detection plays a significant role in the success of the treatment. That’s why oral pathology experts suggest that you need to visit your dentist twice a year and have an oral cancer screening in Miami Beach at least once a year. But, before anything else, it is also vital that you have simple know-how at the different types of tests to determine oral cancers.

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How are Oral Cancers Examined

Imaging Tests

Imaging tests are the common oral cancer screenings often performed. Imaging oral cancer screening in Miami Beach is divided into three types, namely Positron Emission Tomography, Magnetic Imaging, and Computed Tomography Scan. Positron emission tomography scan can be used to identify if cancer has spread to the lymph nodes first, or to check the rest of your body in case cancer cells have spread. On the other hand, magnetic imaging scans can be used to check oral cancer and provide you a thorough view of cancer to help identify if it has spread to other parts of your body like the neck and other areas.Lastly, a computed tomography scan can help identify the size, position, and shape of any tumors present in your oral and maxillofacial area. It can also help identify swollen lymph nodes that may be cancerous.


Another common oral cancer screening in Miami Beach is a biopsy. It is known to be the only fool-proof way to confirm an oral cancer diagnosis. It involves getting a sample of cells or tissues from the area where an oral cancer symptom is manifesting.

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Where to Get Accurate Oral Cancer Screening in Miami Beach

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