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If you notice an odd lump or weird red and white patches all over the inside of your mouth, then it’s best to see your dentist ASAP for an oral cancer screening. Although the symptoms of oral cancer can also be symptoms for other oral diseases, it’s still better to be safe than sorry. Most people diagnosed with oral cancer aren’t aware they have one until it has metastasized to other parts. If you’re wondering what it’s like to undergo oral cancer screening Miami Beach, here’s what you can expect:

Oral Cancer Screening Exam

During oral cancer screening Miami Beach, your dentist will examine the inside of your mouth for any symptoms of oral cancer, like lumps, thickening of the skin, and mouth sores. Your dentist will also feel the tissues in your mouth; including your neck and face for any abnormalities. Aside from a physical and oral exam, your dentist may conduct other special tests to screen for oral cancer. Tests may include the following:

  • Using a light instrument to detect healthy tissues from the abnormal one. Healthy tissue will appear light but the abnormal tissues will appear dark.
  • Using a mouth rinse that contains a specialized blue dye before the exam. The dye will help identify the abnormal cells or tissue inside your mouth.

Once there are signs of oral cancer or precancerous lesions found, then you will be asked to do the following:

  • follow-up visit to observe if the abnormalities present in your mouth are still there, and take note of its observable changes, like growth, color, or if the patient feels pain or discomfort in the area.
  • Biopsy procedure to get a sample of the tissue for laboratory testing. This way, your dentist will know whether cancer cells are present.
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