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Around 54,000 individuals are diagnosed with oral cancer each year and about 13, 500 people die from it in the U.S. alone. This is because, oral cancer is often discovered only when cancer has been metastasized to other areas, like the lymph nodes. That’s why it’s important to go through oral cancer screening Pembroke Pines at least once a year to help with early diagnosis for a successful treatment. Here are the facts about oral cancer that you need to know:

Oral Cancer has Different Stages

Just like any other types of cancer, oral cancer is divided into three stages based on the TNM staging system:

  • T is to indicate the tumor size
  • N is to indicate if the tumor has disseminated to your lymph nodes.
  • M is to indicate if the tumor has disseminated to other parts of your body.

Early Diagnosis and Early Treatments Increases Your Chance of Surviving Oral Cancer

Early symptoms, like lip and mouth sores and white or red patches in your mouth, are often overlooked and mistaken as symptoms for other oral conditions. Visit your dentist regularly and to undergo oral cancer screening Pembroke Pines once a year to help with early detection.

Heavy Drinkers and Smokers Have the Highest Chance of Getting Oral Cancer

Studies convey that heavy drinkers and smokers have a 100% chance of developing oral cancer compared to those who didn’t.

Spending Less Time Under the Sun Will Help Prevent Oral Cancer

Too much sun exposure and not putting on sunscreen, or going to tanning salons increase your chances of developing lip cancer. Make sure to wear sunscreen and a lip balm with SPF to help protect your lips from too much sun exposure.

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