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Oral cancer is a fatal disease often overlooked by many. That’s why a lot of individuals diagnosed with oral cancer discover the disease in its later stage, which makes treatment difficult. But early diagnosis through oral cancer screening Pembroke Pines and knowing the risk factors that contribute to the disease can help prevent or treat oral cancer. Aside from smoking and heavy alcohol consumption. Here are the other risk factors of oral cancer you should know about:

Betel Quid

Betel quid is a leaf from the betel plant encased around areca nut and lime. Some combine betel quid with tobacco. Chewing on betel quid increases your risk of developing oral cancer.

Human Papillomavirus Infection

Most HPVs cause warts but some result in cancer. That's why in some cases, people with oral cancers linked to HPV have a good prognosis and are not drinkers or smokers. Oral cancers caused by HPV usually do not produce any symptoms.

Immune System Suppression

Taking drugs that suppress your immune system, like those that are used to keep organ transplants from being rejected or to cure specific immune diseases, can increase your risk of developing oral cancer.

Lichen Planus

Lichen planus is an illness that manifests in the form of an itchy rash that can sometimes appear as white spots or lines in the mouth and throat. People who have a severe case of this illness have a higher chance of developing oral cancer.


This condition usually develops after a stem-cell transplant. The new stem cells implanted in your body may result in an immune response attacking your own cells and tissues. This increases your risk of oral cancer. It's best to undergo oral cancer screening Pembroke Pines at least once a year to monitor if there are any abnormal growth or signs of oral cancer.

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Where to Have an Oral Cancer Screening Pembroke Pines?

If you suspect you have oral cancer, it’s best to undergo oral cancer screening Pembroke Pines at least once a year. At Oral Facial Reconstruction, we offer oral cancer screening services at a reasonable price! Contact us for inquiries!