Oral Cancer Screenings: Why Are They So Important?

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An oral cancer screening in Pembroke Pines, as the name implies, is a procedure in which a dentist examines your mouth for indications or symptoms of cancer. The main purpose of an oral cancer screening is to detect any early signs of cancer in your mouth so that it may be treated more effectively. Oral cancer screening and early detection may enhance survival rates by as much as 90%. It is always preferable to be safe rather than sorry.

Oral cancer screening in Pembroke Pines

What Are Some of the Risk Factors for Oral Cancer?

Tobacco Use

Individuals over the age of 45 are frequently at a higher risk, although it is less common among children and young people. Tobacco and alcohol use are two of the most common risk factors for oral cancer.Tobacco usage is linked to the majority of occurrences of mouth cancer, whether in the form of chewing tobacco, cigarettes, cigars, or pipes.

Bad Eating Habits

Another factor that may contribute to oral cancer is a diet that is poor in fruits and vegetables, resulting in a lower intake of carotenoids. A weakened immune system is another risk factor for oral cancer.

Sun Exposure

Overexposure to the sun is another cause of oral cancer, which leads to lip cancer. This is especially true for individuals who work in the sun for a lengthy period, such as on construction sites or farmlands. Because the lower lip is more likely to be exposed to the sun, it is more prone to develop cancer.

Oral Hygiene Issues

Oral cancer can also be caused by a lack of good oral hygiene and dental care. It can result in tooth loss, bleeding gums, chronic bacterial infections, or viruses. To prevent the risk of oral cancer, it is critical to maintaining a regular dental hygiene regimen.


Other risk factors are inherited genetics and a family history of cancer. If your family has a history of cancer, it may be passed down through your genes from generation to generation.

Oral cancer screening in Pembroke Pines

Where to Undergo an Oral Cancer Screening in Pembroke Pines?

The moment you notice any symptoms, visit Oral Facial Reconstruction for an oral cancer screening in Pembroke Pines. Contact us for an appointment!