Oral Candidiasis: 3 Risk Factors

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The presence of fungus in the mouth can alter your quality of life, and with oral candidiasis it is not different. If you have suffered from this condition, you know that the burning sensation or sensitivity in the mouth is annoying to say the least. Although these are not serious diseases, you should treat them immediately with the guidance of an expert in oral pathology in Plantation, FL. Here are some risk factors to avoid so you can prevent them from happening again.


Risk Factors for Oral Candidiasis

Oral Inhalers

Continued use of oral inhalers has been linked to the presence of oral candidiasis. Our professional advice is to check that the inhaler is in perfect condition before using it.

Poorly Fitted Dentures

One of the most frequent risk factors for oral candidiasis is the use of removable dentures. Poorly fitted dentures are not at all favorable. In addition, it is important that you pay attention to their cleaning. You should wash your dentures daily, as instructed by your dentist.

It is also advisable to attend check-ups at the dental clinic, so that the prosthesis is always adjusted.

Poor Oral Hygiene

Poor oral hygiene habits are also behind the fungus in the mouth. If you want to have perfect teeth, free of diseases and lesions, you need to keep up with a good oral hygiene.

In addition, to optimize your dental health, you should have your teeth professionally cleaned regularly.


Do You Need a Specialist in Oral Pathology in Plantation, FL?

In the presence of candidiasis in the mouth, it is important that the dentist performs a complete diagnosis.  Make an appointment here at Oral Facial Reconstruction if you’re presenting any symptoms. Contact us today!